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HR Consulting

1. General and Professional Staffing/Executive Search
We conduct professional recruitment services from general to executive level positions; make hiring fast and effective for your company. All candidates are carefully and rigorously interviewed to ensure the best match for your requirements. Our aim is to establish lasting relationships between our clients and candidates by focusing on attitude, talent, and potential.Comprehensive insight and detailed background searches are provided for executive placements. Flexibility is the key to success in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business and we are at the forefront of providing such business solution.

We work hand-in-hand with our client to achieve their recruitment plans and objectives. From mid to high-level recruitment, volume hiring, niche skill set or all of the above, we can assist.

2. Assessments
For assurance of the selection of a suitable candidate, we support you with a extensive testing
procedures. These are both subject-specific tests – such as language or IT skills – as well as
applying standardized psychological tests, such as aptitude and performance tests or
personality and motivation tests.The choice of method is based on sound scientific principles,
valid and reliable conclusions are the result.  In cooperation with national and international
testing agencies.

3. HRIS/HCM Solutions
We have a team of tech-savvy HR professional with rich experience of HRIS /HCM implementation and providing HRSI solution as an organizational requirement through system requirement study (SRS).]

4. Campus to Corporate
This is a very comprehensive service which has a range of services include students’ assessment, employability skill development program, workshops, internships live projects and camps and off campus placement for industry ready students of universities /colleges.

5. Change Management
Due to globalization pace of change get accelerated, the market at every level are changing
rapidly, resources are scarce, qualified employees are becoming increasingly difficult to find in
the labor market, new technologies offer opportunities if you use your staff well … – We live in a
period of continuous change and the pace is accelerating. In many cases, employees can no
longer keep up with the pace of change. Therefore it is crucial to change the way changes are
implemented. We need independent employees with initiative who do not “bear” change but
rather shape it.



A-Customer care Skills
Back office, technical and service staff, project managers and others who are in regular contact with customers can acquire various methods to maximize customer satisfaction – provided your staff is willing and able to act in a customer-oriented fashion.

Against the background of your particular business objectives, we stress the development of staff awareness for the significance of and profit from customer-oriented behavior as a core element to reach the objectives mentioned above.

We impart specially tailored contents and will train your staff to continuously enhance their skills.

B-Sales Training

Basic Selling Skills
Retail Selling Skills
Handling Key Account
Channel Sales Management
Lead Generation
Store Management

2-Team Building

VHRS also offer support creating a process for the establishment and development of successful teams.
Tested and effective instruments are employed for successful teams development.

3-Supply chain management

Supply Chain management is all about competence development for corporations: we train your
staff to what is required for their roles … using hands-on, world-class content and courses with
following details.

a).Supply chain and Logistics
b).Vendor development and Vendor Management/Supplier relationship management
c).Cost reduction in supply chain
d).The supply chain  for CEO’s

4-Facilities Management

VHRS facility management solutions provide accommodations and stay facilities for people who
participate in fairs, conferences especially in NCR.VHRS offered most exclusive service and
state of the art amenities at reasonable rates.