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A-Customer care Skills
Back office, technical and service staff, project managers and others who are in regular contact with customers can acquire various methods to maximize customer satisfaction – provided your staff is willing and able to act in a customer-oriented fashion.

Against the background of your particular business objectives, we stress the development of staff awareness for the significance of and profit from customer-oriented behavior as a core element to reach the objectives mentioned above.

We impart specially tailored contents and will train your staff to continuously enhance their skills.

B-Sales Training

Basic Selling Skills
Retail Selling Skills
Handling Key Account
Channel Sales Management
Lead Generation
Store Management

2-Team Building

VHRS also offer support creating a process for the establishment and development of successful teams.
Tested and effective instruments are employed for successful teams development.

3-Supply chain management

Supply Chain management is all about competence development for corporations: we train your
staff to what is required for their roles … using hands-on, world-class content and courses with
following details.

a).Supply chain and Logistics
b).Vendor development and Vendor Management/Supplier relationship management
c).Cost reduction in supply chain
d).The supply chain  for CEO’s

4-Facilities Management

VHRS facility management solutions provide accommodations and stay facilities for people who
participate in fairs, conferences especially in NCR.VHRS offered most exclusive service and
state of the art amenities at reasonable rates.